Thank you page


On this epic trip, I have been lucky enough to catch up with many friends throughout Japan. Some people I have stayed with for several days, some I went out to dinner with or only saw a short time; all have been great memories. To all of you, I am truly grateful for the time we spent together: talking, laughing, eating.

This page is dedicated to all the people I have met up with along the way; I will keep adding to it until the trip is finished.

Jaime 11-12 Dec 2013 Tsu, Mie prefecture
My own personal tour guide for Ise Jingu, craft beer, and more laughs than I have had in a long time; what more could I ask for from a host?! It was really great to see you again Jaime and spend more time together.
Jacy 7 Dec 2013 Gobo, Wakayama prefecture
Great to catch up over some okonomiyaki and Wakayama’s special version: sechiyaki. Also thanks for the travel tips, especially about the cave onsen at Urashima – it was amazing and I would never have known about it without you.
Sarah 4-5 Dec 2013 Nishinomiya, Hyogo prefecture
Wow, we had a blast in Osaka, right? I don’t think I have ever been hit on by drunk married men like that before! I had a great time getting to know you better while staying with you too, not to mention being able to shower, do some laundry, watch Walking Dead and fix my roof vent. And then you still wanted to send me off with a little snack pack! Endless thanks.
Dave 3 Dec 2013 Chikusa, Hyogo prefecture
What a great katsu curry I had in your little cold mountain town; that little restaurant is a hidden gem. Thanks for inviting Zach too and squeezing me in in between all your other commitments. Good luck with the Christmas play!
Michelle 27-29 Nov 2013 Unnan, Shimane prefecture
We shared a lot of laughs and you included me in your city’s Thanksgiving party, where I met some new friends and got to eat plenty of delicious treats. Oh, and I was able to watch plenty of The Walking Dead episodes and catch up with plenty of blogging while you were at work, as well as flooding your balcony with my 3 loads of laundry 😉
Julia 6 Nov 2013 Mi, Kagawa prefecture
We had a lovely dinner together at one of your regular places, and you showed me your town’s best kept secret: A giant sand sculpture! I also enjoyed the first free shower of my trip in your apartment and it is still the best one I have had yet J
Eriko 1 Nov 2013 Uwajima, Ehime prefecture
Great catching up with you and meeting new people at the same time. The tofu and yuba were delicious! Sorry we couldn’t live out our rabbit island dream together, but I hope you enjoy watching my video anyway!
KJ 31 Oct 2013 Bungo-ono, Oita prefecture
Thanks for coming out even though you had been sick in bed for a week! And by inviting other people from your town, a quick curry dinner turned into a mini party! Good times.
Takeshi 28 Oct 2013 Kokura, Fukuoka prefecture
We only just met for the first time, but you afforded me some generous hospitality by showing me around Kokura and introducing me to yakikare. And you taught me about professional boomerang throwing! See you someday in Australia.

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