Oil Explosion: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Back in Saga for a few days to catch up with old friends and trying to sort out the process for selling the van, I was camped out in my normal spot at Kinryu park. A friend recommended a service to me whereby you input details of your vehicle online and various car company representatives will come and look at it for free and give you a quote for how much they are willing to pay you. Though I expected them to suggest a very low value, there didn’t seem to be any harm in giving it a go, so we lined up a couple of people. When the first guy arrived, he had a look around the van, and then started the engine. I noticed that the oil lamp was lit on the dashboard and was rather surprised, since I had not seen it at all before, let alone when someone was inspecting the car for sale! So I bent down to look under the car, and to my horror there was oil pouring out from the vehicle.

IMG_9549I quickly had him turn off the engine and luckily that seemed to stop the leak, but not before about half a tank worth of oil had leaked out and was developing an ever-spreading thick black puddle under the vehicle. UGLY

Needless to say, this was pretty rotten timing given that the car was now no longer driveable and thus no longer saleable, right when the guy was there inspecting it. And I had another guy lined up to come and have a look about an hour later. BAD

But what I was more concerned about was how to fix this problem, and quickly. I called my mechanic friend, who has been so helpful to me over the years, and quite miraculously he said his brother was close by and would be over as soon as he can. So I went off to have a calming cup of coffee with a friend: another engagement that I had previously arranged and decided was worth keeping since there was nothing I could do and might give me a chance to relax and clear my head. And when I got a call from the mechanic later and went back to the car to check, he was busy cleaning up the oil, had assessed the problem, and said that he thought it should be easily repairable. YAY

So off he went to get the necessary tools etc and after a couple of hours wait, the older brother was back; I was again at my friend’s house, since it’s super close to the park but by the time I got a call and went back to the car park, there was Charlie, on, working, looking as healthy as ever. So after a serious shock at the end of an otherwise drama-free trip right around the country, just a couple of hours and a couple of hundred dollars later and I was even able to get back on the road that evening as per my original plan. It was an extra expense that I didn’t need, but the fact that it happened right at home in Saga and could also be fixed again easily? Unbelievably lucky. GOOD

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