Testing two people in the camping car


Sharing the camping car with mum for 3.5 weeks was, in a word, tough. Not only had I established a routine and well-structured living space over 5 months that was now very different, but there was also now someone else in my personal space 24/7. And as someone who likes to spend a lot of time alone, this was quite a change for me and took some getting used to.

IMG_8858Still, it was manageable, and we had a wonderful time together sightseeing around Japan (see earlier posts for more specific details). Nevertheless, I would recommend to other people travelling in this way to start the travel together from the beginning, so one person is not coming into an already-established space and work together to develop a routine. I’m sure if you were travelling as a couple then it would also be a little easier, but especially since I had to sleep in the narrow top bunk, on a pretty hard surface, (while mum slept in my usual bed) I was also not particularly well rested over the period we were travelling together.

IMG_8860Each morning, mum would get up and pack up her bedding so that we could rearrange the seats and have a table set up in the back of the van. This gave us a good space for regular beers and snacks in the evening, as well as somewhere to prepare and eat our meal. Later, we would pack the table away and collapse the seats again for mum to make up her bed. Typically while this was going on, I would go to clean my teeth and get ready for bed, since there was not much spare room in the van. Once this was done, I could pull out the boards to form the top bunk where I would sleep and prepare my futon etc; while I did this it was mum’s turn to clean her teeth! And so it continued each morning and evening.

In between, we went to some amazing places, took countless selfies, and saw incredible sights. Suffice to say, our time together outside the van was wonderful and our time in it was just another challenge along the way of my long long adventure. Thanks for coming mum!

DSCN3182 DSCN1871

DSCN2371 IMG_9262

DSCN1792 DSCN3118

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